Easy Receipt

Easy receipts is an app I made that allows you to easily organize your receipts. Any one who has had to track their receipts knows the labors of carrying a folder around and then manually entering them into a computer and probably scanning them as well.


This app is CONVENIENT.

Just take a picture of the receipt as soon as someone gives it to you and store the receipt in a box to never be opened again.

easy receipt receipt tracking app

Once easy receipt is on your phone you can casually swipe through them and edit them at your leisure. Easy receipt even guesses what  should be entered so most of the time its already done for you.

easy receipt receipt tracking app

As you can see its not perfectly accurate on the first try. But it stores the names of locations so this receipt will likely scan perfectly the next time its scanned.


There is also custom editing and cropping features.

easy receipt receipt tracking app


When its done you can send yourself an email with the receipt images and a csv file.

easy receipt receipt tracking app

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