Contact Information:

Nine 4 Nine 922-7955


Current Employment:

Currently I am self employed as a contractor, investor and consultant. However I am also venturing into offering technology related services which is my real interest. My responsibilities as a contractor include general construction activities associated with commercial and industrial construction. Both managing and performing the work I have a wide range of experience allowing me to complete both large and small jobs with efficiency. My investing activities include managing a small commercial building which I purchased in 2012.The focus of this project is creating a steady cash flow and increasing my net worth though capitalization of this property by means of construction. Besides real estate I have an unhealthy amount interest in the stock market, the foreign and domestic bond markets and the seemingly endless shit-show that is International politics. My consulting services vary from filling out and filing paperwork to offering reports or investigations on projects. Lastly my interest in technology has led me to computer programming, some minor web development and sales and most importantly creating robots for the construction industry.

My short term goals:

-Study, learn and seek new experiences that will help me in the future.

-Design and sell robots to other businesses.

-Build and streamline the infrastructure of my construction service to better suit my needs and those of my customers.

-Find new investment projects.


I am best described as a self educated, semi-ambitious, libertarian capitalist….even though that description is rather pretentious. I’m closer to knowing nothing than I am to knowing everything so I remain open to new ideas while maintaining critical analysis of both old and new. So basically I copy pieces from who ever is doing it better than try to improve on it out of boredom. Which now that I think of it,  makes me a a cheater with some type of mild attention deficit disorder.  I’m here to help, to study and to enjoy.

Practical Skill set:

All construction trades – Performing, supplying and managing

Construction Professional Services – Plans, Management, Documentation, Timelines, Consulting

Valuation, Negotiation & Investing – Durable goods, Real Estate, Stocks/Bonds, Investment Funds & Currency

Technology – Prototyping, Programming, Design

Personal Facts

Born 03/20/1986. I am a southern California native. Attended publicly funded schools for very short duration at different times. Experience includes working with several companies as well as being self employed. Personal hobbies include, fitness, outdoor recreation and social events. In the future I would like to spend more time traveling.