So 3d printing has made me pretty lazy. I really hate milling aluminum when I can just 3d print. I have 3 printer right now. 2 FDM and 1 SLA. I never use the sla tbh.

I bought the ender 3 printer and upgraded them with new firmware, raspberry pi an auto level and a few 3d printed hardware pieces. The whole thing is tented to preserve heat. Works great and prints incredibly strong and accurate parts.

The featured image of this post is a perfect example. Something incredibly tie consuming to make and requiring several pieces of equipment can now be churned out in an hour as I read a book.

I’m glad I got some experience with other methods of fabrication because 3d printing is like heroin. Its really hard to stop and makes you really lazy. But its so useful. Check out the mini table saw jig I made to cut steel. Its powered by a little fishing weight.


Here are a few pics of my setup. The ender 3 is a great printer. Notice Im printing tough pla left and polymac pc on right. Both super durable.

Then I turn up the heat.

Here’s the SLA. Quality is great but the parts are fragile. Still I’m keeping it around I keep it enclosed in black and I have venting set up to keep my work space air clean at all times.



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