General Construction Southern California

Finding the right general contractor to handle general construction services can be a daunting task. Southern California, including Los Angeles and Orange county, provide a wide offering of construction firms of all sizes.
Here are a few reasons why Soco Construction can serve you best…

 Location –
Our office is centrally located to Southern California. Between Los Angeles, Orange County and the inland empire. Our typical service range is between Northridge and San Clemente. But we often travel outside of this range for jobs that are above and beyond small service calls.
We are called out multiple times each year to evaluate half completed jobs abandon by other contractors. Don’t let this happen to you! Many people in an effort to reduce costs will ignore what is inconvenient to their own plans and agenda. When we provide a proposal we include everything to get the job done. We attempt to label every item to be installed. We carry our own liability and workers compensation insurance. We have charged you for the necessary overhead for our accountant to secure the liability, insurance and licensing information for all of our own project vendors. We have priced into the job everything foreseeable instead of waiting until the last minute to hand you a change order you cannot afford to pay. Of course we will do our very best to reduce your expenses but this cannot be done at the cost of reality. We know your money is hard earned and we will perform our due diligence in finding problems before they happen.
Service Experience –
Our company offers service to a wide variety of clientele.
Commercial & Industrial construction provides our largest market. We have the experience and desire to handle your business facilities. We supply and install all types of standard fixtures for warehouse and manufacturing facility. Of course within this there is always a need for office renovation. We can provide beautiful new headquarters or we can provide cheap construction solutions for expanding your existing offices.
Retail construction is always a challenge because style and branding are often key to your stores success. However not spending a fortune on renovation will be critical as cash flow heavily impacts any new business location. We supply a large amount of finish wood products such as reception desks and store displays. We can also supply manufactured cost effective retail displays. Many retail stores need glass or glazing work. Our company can supply all types of glass products, shelves and storefront. We also provide tinting and graffiti removal on a regular basis.
Residential construction makes up a significant part of our business mostly through references from business associates and friends. People need to feel comfortable allowing strangers into their personal space. Customers also need to feel like their home is being respected and kept clean. Personal service and daily attention to make sure your project is completed as quickly as possible.
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