Construction Inspection & Consulting

inspectThere are a wide variety of reasons you may need to hire an independent third party inspector. Construction inspection allows an absentee party to review construction work and costs in order to eliminate diversion of construction funds or to report cost overruns before they become significant.
Clients who typically hire construction inspectors fit the following profile;
Lenders seeking to qualify draw requests
Corporate accounting seeking to verify cost values within a contract
Property owners with financial problems relating to construction
Soco construction can offer consultation and information services to third parties seeking these services. We provide licensed and experienced contractor’s who understand the methods and costs used in construction. These services include;
– Commercial or Residential Draw Inspections
– Phase, Development or “Progress” Inspections
– Construction Monitoring & Recording
– General Consulting or On-Site Supervision for third parties
Please call us and ask for construction consulting services. We have seasoned industry professionals ready to meet your needs. (949) 922-7955

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