Commercial Construction

The truth about commercial construction is that not all construction companies are the same.
Soco Construction can go toe to toe with any commercial contractor for the following reasons…

What commercial contractors don’t want you to know
All commercial construction companies subcontract the majority of their work. The biggest difference between one company and the next is the management. How efficient are they? How much do they care about your projects? Are they willing to risk your hard earned money?
Would you, the customer, run out on to the freeway to pickup a $100 bill? No, of course not because the risk is too great. Only somebody desperate would do such a thing. But I guarantee that every customer will entertain hiring one of these risk takers because their being told what they want to hear regardless of the facts.
We have experience in all types of commercial construction.
Restaurant – Food Service – Food Processing
Retail – Small Business – National Chain
Storage – Transportation – Material Handling
Manufacturing – Office – Studio
Service – Repairs – Maintenance
Ground up – Remodel

Great advice and cost effective solutions

Our goal is to create a smart plan that caters to the long term plans you have for you business. Many contractors and design professionals will build at the whim of the customer, or create a design that fumbles all attempts at being cost effective or efficient. On the other hand many will offer myopic views on cost saving which will come back to haunt you year after year. The key to avoiding these problems is having an estimator and designer with hands on building experience along with practical critical thinking skills concerning business management and design. We offer both skill sets to create a complete product our customer can enjoy for many years.

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