Construction Inspection & Consulting

There are a wide variety of reasons you may need to hire an independent third party inspector. Construction inspection allows an absentee party to review construction work and costs in order to eliminate diversion of construction funds or to report cost overruns before they become significant.   Clients who typically hire construction inspectors fit the […]

cost segregation

cost segregation is something people don’t talk about often. Most people are aware of tax depreciation associated with investment properties. Also most people use the standard variations of a few basic depreciation methods. However there are some pros and cons for the a real estate owner to consider concerning cost segregation. Cost segregation affects your […]

Energy Requirements For Landlords

Energy compliance laws are just around the corner. July 1st to be exact Visit this link at the website for further information. What this means for you? Paperwork…err computer work. The state is offering free software which is still being worked out. You will need to report your energy compliance when leasing or modifying a building structure.

Green Roof

Re blogged From Green roofs are great! They offer a great element of style to any structure and are completely practical as a way for a property owner to help the environment in their own small way. A green roof will also save you money! It will insulate your house and roofing material for […]