My recent attempts at painting

Recently I started painting. As an unexpected perk the leisure activity is reducing my inability to examine the ui for my apps.I didn’t have the introspection to figure this out myself but I was suggested painting as a way to relax after work and not stare at a television screen.Besides offering a relaxing activity it has offered the added bonus of exercising my mind in areas of art and I have been purchasing books with paintings and on how to paint.Getting set up with inexpensive enough and I find myself excited to relax after work and continue on with the current project. Hopefully after a year I will achieve some measure of success.For now it has changed how I think. When I’m painting I tend to think how can I make this more interesting and more pleasing to the viewer. If I don’t completely blend the colors or fill in the details then the viewers mind finishes the job for me. The artwork is interactive and engaging.When I used to build software I think about making it easy to use and fulfilling a function, nothing more. Now I tend to consider how the person will quickly glance at the ui and let the colors and symbols blend together in a meaningful collage of useful information.I have only begun the process but hopefully I will find the time to continue.