Building a Clean Room

This job was the installation of finishes in two clean rooms. The construction of the walls, floors and all the rough mechanical had been done by others. The walls were drywall and ready for finish.
The job was located in signal hill California. The room would be used to manufacture food products so the installation of finishes was more than aesthetics. It had to be sanitary.
2016-05-12 14.14.49
To start we scraped clean two of the existing walls in each room to remove any existing paint or concrete with a weak bond. The concrete walls were then patched with either a cement mixture for spalls or an elastic acrylic crack sealant.
Both the concrete and drywall was primed with a high quality primer to insure good adhesion. In this installation Fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) would be install to 10′ high on the drywall to add durability at the working level. So the paint only need to be applied to the ceiling and the walls down to about 9′ 6″ above the floor. We used a white high gloss epoxy paint. This would create the toughest most washable surface.
2016-05-17 07.33.01
From 10′ to the floor we installed a smooth FRP. The FRP was cut 5 1/2″ above the floor so the sanitary tile could be applied directly to the drywall. One of the rooms required a 6″ concrete curb around the entire room supporting the walls. In these areas the FRP could simply be timed under the wall and caulked.
2016-05-20 11.42.17
However in one area the concrete curb was too narrow. The designer had not anticipated this problem and we had a 1/2 overhang. We ended up installing a covered piece of FRP to fill the area and seal it completely. All the FRP was sealed with a high quality white silicon.
2016-06-08 14.21.42

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