Commercial door and window installation

This job was a commercial door and window installation in Westminster. Having installed these doors and windows countless times I can assure you there is a right and wrong way to do the installation. Firstly on any big job there will be countless pieces of frames and hardware. There is a significant chance that supplier […]

HVAC rooftop platfporms

This was a job in Carson Ca. The warehouse was getting new offices and needed new heat pumps on the roof. These rooftop heat pumps are installed on metal factory curbs that must be level. We need to modify the roof to accept these curbs and hold them strong and level. These installation are done […]

Temporarily Closing A Truck Dock

This job in Torrance California was a warehouse that needed to close 4 truck docks for a new tenant. However they wanted to keep the truck docks for future use after the tenant leaves. This poses a few challenges I have not encountered before. Typically when closing a truck dock permanently we will demo the […]

New concrete footings for stairway

This was a job in Torrance California where a new staircase was being installed and the plans called for new concrete footings. The footings had already been excavated by someone else.   This was a small job and only took two days. We drilled our concrete, blew with air and set a number 5 rebar […]