The essence of construction if building a barrier between us and the elements of nature or often, just as importantly, other annoying people.

But how do we do that relating to sound?


In the late 60 sound proofing became a more examined topic in construction. It continues to evolve today but very little of that evolution is in the hands of the end user and installer. So despite the importance of sound proofing construction decisions are frequently left to ” Well, this should work” … But will it?

One of the main barriers is the lack of knowledge by both sound engineers in how to get more information to contractors and contractors in understanding how sounds travel through buildings.


I have a lot of respect for sound engineers and testing agencies but…

They fail to apply their knowledge to real world situations. Testing in a laboratory is great. It’s accurate and provides crucial research and data. In that same vein taking a leer jet is much faster and safer than driving a car. But the reality is cars get more people more miles every year than leer jets do.

In much the same way the average person can’t stand around waiting for their leer jet to arrive we cannot stand around depending on these tests to make practical use of the information collected. The average property owner or builder needs something cheap and reasonably effective yesterday.


I have a lot of respect for contractors and designers but…

Frequently they are guessing. They know they can get someone to analyze acoustics and sometimes they do. But most of the time they use their ears make some assumptions and just start building stuff until the sound gets to a tolerable level.


I designed this app to give people making decisions every day something to help in that decision making process.

To allow people to quickly grab some data for review later, or to take someone with zero knowledge and help them make a better informed decision.

Is it perfect…no. But its better than nothing.


Below are a few screen shots. Check it out on google play.



sound proof and stc app android

sound proof and stc app android
















sound proof and stc app android

sound proof and stc app android

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