This was a job in Torrance California where a new staircase was being installed and the plans called for new concrete footings. The footings had already been excavated by someone else.


2016-04-29 06.39.31

This was a small job and only took two days. We drilled our concrete, blew with air and set a number 5 rebar into our epoxy. When installing narrow concrete like this with existing all around I screed the top with my wood bull float as I go. Its easier on the back and knees. But when the concrete is deeper like this I always allow the float to sit a little higher. This leaves my fresh concrete about 3/8 higher, or “proud” as they say, because the concrete tends to compress and sink in the footing even after its vibrated.

After a good hour or two I can screed with my mag bull float and the then hand finish an hour or so later. Working indoors extends the finishing time by some degree and on this installation I probably could have added concrete accelerator but chose not too. So there was a fair amount of sitting around.


2016-04-29 08.34.58

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