Many offices today are still filling out paper time cards. Why you ask?

2018-03-06 11.12.29

  1. Nefarious software integration
  2. The learning curve
  3. Bugs or “features”

Almost everyone is guilty of it. Software products are designed to work with constant support resulting in monthly or yearly fees. Upgrades, server costs etc. But most people aren’t getting paid to figure out software. Many low skill employees can’t or drag their feet. They want the solution that stays the same. Not one that changes with the weather. As they sort through all the numerous buttons they passively fear that the next upgrade will change things and they will spend more time relearning. Barf.


But paper time cards suck!

Paper time cards take time to fill out. There is zero space to write. They get smudged and lost plus people have to hand deliver them back to the office. Someone needs to sort through them. It’s not really a great solution.


A better solution

For sale on google play store is the EASY TIME CARD APP. A compromise between the two.  This app is real easy. Two buttons to operate it and if the setup is too hard someone else can do it once and its done. Right is a screen shot from the main screen of the app. You can see the current day being shown as clocked in at the top.


At the bottom, when the user is ready to clock out just press the big red button.


When the user is ready to report their time they can press the button on the bottom  labeled report time. This send the time card over in an easily readable email without any work.



2018-03-06 10.57.43

Here you can see the email which is automatically made after the user clicks the “Report Time” button.

It super clear and easy to read. It tracks starting and ending times as well as total work times.

As workers go from job to job they can track how much time they are spending at each location or task.

Best of all the records can be emailed to three people. So now that single time card can be reviewed and saved digitally.

Workers are still on the honor system because these time card emails can be edited manually. This is helpful is you make a mistake and forget to clock in. Simply type in a note on the email or change a start time.

Most importantly this is something 99% of people already know how to do. This app isn’t trying to change your life. Its simply the exact same paper time cards you have relied on in a digital format!


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