Soco Construction offers consulting services participating as a designer, contractor, manager or third party auditor.


Business –

You are an experienced investor. Maybe your not. Either way we can offer you support in evaluating your business plans and investments.

Due Diligence –

When considering a purchase, sale, refinance or capital improvement there is a lot of leg work to be done. We can support your business by reporting on conditions, coordinating with inspectors and reaching out to municipalities.

Design –

Although design is required to perform any permitted improvements it can be so much more. Its a means of creating a corporate image through style as well as creating a facility that efficiently supports operations. Furthermore construction designs should be sustainable and cost effective to maintain. We can provide plans, engineering and plan check processing with the city in order to get your project started.

Cost Estimating –

Soco Construction can provide cost estimating services that are extremely accurate and detailed. Our cost estimates will label each scope of work and create a clear understanding of what is to be performed and at what cost.

Timeline –

Time is money. Let us help you create project timelines from concept to completion that will spell out each stage of work and detail the necessary requirements for completion along the projects critical path.

Review & Auditing-

So many organizations in the real estate industry have the need to monitor and review construction progress and records. Soco Construction can provide third party review either on-site evaluating construction or in the office reviewing receipts, plans and change order with expert care to insure that are customers are receiving what they pay for.


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