Commercial door and window installation


This job was a commercial door and window installation in Westminster. Having installed these doors and windows countless times I can assure you there is a right and wrong way to do the installation.

Firstly on any big job there will be countless pieces of frames and hardware. There is a significant chance that supplier will send you a wrong frame, that they will be labeled wrong or that a field installer may mistake one part of a frame for another and mix up multiple pieces from separate openings.

When installing these I always start by organizing the frames and pieces in front of each opening. If I am managing other installers I tell them to abandon an opening if the pieces don’t work. On jobs with 10+ doors when someone abandons an opening because the parts are wrong we usually find the parts on another opening farther down the line.

On this job however there was already a carpenter attempting to assemble the door frames for the owner and he had mistakenly assembled the pieces from different opening together.

I removed everything and started from scratch. I can teach a group of laymen how to install 100 doors faster than a team of carpenters any day. Moving at production speed is about getting every team member to do just one task fast and consistently accurate.

When installing the doors myself I always do frames and door leafs 100% with bare minimum of frame screwing. Then I come back double check my work and add casing, hardware etc.


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