Commercial Construction in Los Angeles

SOCO Construction specializes in commercial construction in Los Angeles.

Take a look at some of our past projects.

Sometimes in commercial construction it’s just about getting bodies on site to clean up a large industrial property quickly so that you can begin planning for new construction or allow a new tenant to move in. Here are a few examples of clean up jobs we have worked on.
At this location there was just a simple clean up job. The old tenant had left a mess and we needed to get in cap the damaged water lines, lock up the exits and haul away the trash.
This job below had some exterior landscape overgrowth that was blocking a truck door. Here we are just finishing the job up.
At the job below we needed to connect a mezzanine from the upper story to the lower story in this shipping facility. Here is an interior view of the finished 1 hour fire rated enclosure and the metal staircase we installed to connect both areas.
In this location below a retail storefront lost a column in a car crash. We are nearly through replacing it and patching the cracks.
At the job below we had to finish installing a gate that someone else had abandon working on. We made a few adjustments and installed a new gate motor with keypad.
We provide a wide range of commercial and industrial construction services in the Los Angeles and orange county area. If you need our help please call (949) 922 7955 or email

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