Here is the video I talk about my plasma cutter

This video is great for instruction but has no video of plasma cutter working

Truthfully after i did the test cuts, and forgot to video them I put my plasma cutter assembly away and haven’t had a chance to use it again. If you are looking to cut steel you can order a cheap plasma cutter for less than $300 on the internet.

CNC plasma cutter

These supposedly pull 20 amps and I haven’t checked but its thrown every 20 amp breaker I’ve tried it on. I ended up wiring a 30 amp breaker to two outlet to supply.

You will have to custom build a method to turn the plasma on and off but this is fairly simple. The only extra advice I have is to make sure your whole system is grounded and to put your power, on/off relay connection and computer cables through ferrite cores. Because the plasma cutter will generate generic radio frequency style interference it can actually disable your computer. The computer case itself if properly grounded and kept away from the plasma cutter will help. The ferrite cores will stop the plasma cutter and computer cords from acting like broadcasting or receiving antennas.

ferrite cores for CNC


I cut out some ninja stars


Laser Diode

The laser diode is very easy. It uses the regular 120v power relay like all the other tools and can cut or burn depending on what you need.

Here I cut out a storm trooper stencil. Black paper works best as the light cannot escape and become heat.

storm trooper stencil


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