Project Recaps

Interested in some recent projects completed?   Laboratory Long Beach, Ca This project was local and was a cinch to handle. Turning a torn up commercial mixed use building into a laboratory.  The scope of work included a new electrical service, architectural repairs, cabinetry, rooftop HVAC units and other amenities associated with a laboratory. Here […]

Commercial property construction as an investment

  When performing construction work to a commercial property it only makes sense to consider these expenses as an investment. Will that investment pay off? Are there other, better, investment opportunities? Will I be able to get this same work later for more or less expense? Will delaying this work accrue extra damages if not performed […]

CNC Software and Enclosure

Check out my video on Software  Software I use two computers, one for design and one for machine control. This allows you to run the machine and design stuff at the same time. Design software can cause your computer to slow down and should not be run on the same machine. Software for controlling the […]

CNC Motors and Electronics

Check out the video Stepper Motors I chose 425 O.Z. inch stepper motors because I wanted to have some strength to perform tougher tasks. They came grouped as a kit with a power supply and motor drivers. Below is a visual representation of oz inch. It literally means that many oz at an inch away […]

My CNC setup for small scale manufacturing

In my pursuit of designing and building new things I have constructed a CNC machine of my own design with the help of some parts ordered over the internet. I made a short video explaining what it does as I continue to perfect the machine.   Here is the video introduction where I talk about […]