Stream Video From Android Part 8 – Tips, Tricks and Tests

Want a little bit more? You got it. A bit of backstory on my experience.  I wrote these blog posts because it seemed there are reference manuals written by experts for experts with no bridge for the beginner to cross relating to these subjects. This article plus the resources I mentioned in the first post […]

Stream Video From Android Part 7 – Depacketize and Display

Getting those packets onto a screen. There will be one more post after this talking about some extra classes and techniques I used to get this done. So if I gloss over something here make sure and check there to get your codes straight. -> Get the videodecoder code here <- -> Get the imagedecoder […]

Stream Video From Android Part 4 – Parse Boxes and SPS or PPS

Alright, your have the taste of blood in your mouth and you like it. Lets dive deeper and actually try parsing some data. ->source code here <- In our android app we have saved the file and now we are passing it to our sdp maker. Ironically I do not actually use session description protocol. […]

Stream Video From Android Part 3 – Understanding h264 in mp4

The last section was tough, it only get tougher. As I said, the mp4 file is streamed and then data to decode the file is written after.  So like most file types mp4 is constructed in parts. Frequently you hear the term file header which is a section that explain the files contents. With mp4 […]