Foot Candle Light Meter

The foot candle light meter is one of the first apps developed. Very simple yet handy for construction professionals. Most, if not all, smartphones have an ambient light sensor which is used to control screen brightness. This hardware is designed and programmed by the manufacturer. So its very hard for me as a consumer and […]

Crossfit Gym Construction

This was a gym construction in which I did the majority of the work and the owner pitched in or used friends for certain things he could get done at the friend price. Here is a picture of day 1. Someone else did the demo and we just showed up to take a look around. […]

Rain water leaking into side of building

This warehouse is built against a small hill. As you can see in the pictures there are existing rain gutters that run into a concrete v gutter. This is how the water is supposed to tun away from the building. However you can clearly see that soil erosion keeps falling into the gutter and blocking the path of the water attempting to flow away. The long term effect is water pooling along he v gutter and flowing into the space between the building and the hill.

Roof hatch installation

      This was a job in Santa Ana Ca. A customer had had me bid a larger 1+ million dollar project for them but had awarded it to another contractor. The project ended up being way behind schedule and way over budget. This is always unfortunate and I really would rather not come […]

CSLB has new fees!

Insert witty quote from Benjamin Franklin about taxes here. I found the new fee schedule here.   Application and Licensing Fees June 30, 2017 or before July 01, 2017 or after Original Application (exam or waiver for one classification) $300 $330 Initial License Fee $180 $200 Additional Classification (for existing license) $75 $150 Additional Classification […]

New single office

One of the best reasons to call me is versatility. I can do the framing, electrical, plumbing, HVAC and drywall all with the tools I already have on the back of my truck. This job is a perfect example. This customer was moving into a new warehouse and was short one office. So they requested […]